Manhattan sofa by Ekornes

With its gently sloping contours, Stressless Manhattan is a stunning example of an original Stressless design. A fixed back and curved wood finishes gives the Manhattan a serene sense of style, cosmopolitan and elegant as the name implies.

Available in a traditional three seat sofa, a two seat loveseat, and chair.

The leather Paloma, the color metal grey is a time of reflection and a sign of change. Neither black nor white, the color illuminates the way forward in this sometimes cold world.

How color makes all the difference in the world.


Like the sun, yellow signals a brighter day. Yellow communicates the beauty of the world. Yellow is the scientist and the poet, constantly analyzing, methodical and decisive, joyous and curious, looking and discovering what makes life meaningful.

What is your color?

Homefurnishers sells Stressless in all the colors of the rainbow.


Gentle reader, let me leave you with this thought from John Locke, “We are all a sort of chameleons, that still take a tincture from things near us,” meaning: the color of the world we surround ourselves with gives substance to our souls. Locke wrote these words in Some Thoughts Concerning Education (1693), concluding with the observation, “nor is it to be wondered at in children, who better understand what they see, than what they hear.”

Gentle reader, we do not need to understand what it takes to be happy, it is enough to see it in the smile of a child who sees for the first time the beauty of a rainbow after the rain.

Let me ask again, what is your color?