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In a way, going to Norway every summer was like going home.

From Boy, by Roald Dahl. “The summer holidays! Those magic words! The mere mention of them used to send shivers of joy rippling over my skin.”

If you are just now reading this, then it is too late, you already missed it. Wait, wait, you must wait another 360 days until the next summer solstice and a festival called Slinningsbålet.

No, it is not a dance, but a bonfire that marks the time in the year when the days again grow short and the sun begins to retreat in the sky. Long days make for good hikes in the Sunnmøre Alps.


To celebrate into the night, Norwegians create the world’s largest bonfire turning night into day, and the land of the midnight sun into one of perpetual sunshine. In Norway, it is always bright and happy, unless it it winter, then it is mighty dark and nice to stay at home with a good book, a glass of wine and a Stressless recliner.

Norway’s largest and best celebration of Slinningsbålet takes place on June the 24th in Ålesund in the county of Møre og Romsdal, on the western coastline of Norway. In 2010, the townsfolk on the sea built a massive tower of shipping crates, a record-setting 132.71 feet tall.

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Did I mention that Stressless recliners and office chairs are designed and made in Ikornnes, a village along the Sykkylvsfjorden, in Møre og Romsdal county. Though you missed this year’s Slinningsbålet, you can still relax in your favorite Stressless recliner and enjoy the summer weather long into the night.

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