Archimedes said, ‘Give me a place to stand and I can move the earth.’ – I say, ‘Give me a chair, let me sit, and go to a place where time and the earth stands still.’


I love to travel, but hate to fly.

Traveling puts me on a plane, where if I am lucky, I get an aisle seat in an emergency row, but, if not, I am sandwiched in a middle seat between two large passengers who either talk too much or snore. “Peanuts or cookies?” the stewardess asks. An upgrade to First Class where the champagne flows, I want to reply.

Born free, and yet everywhere on this plane one is shackled by the reminder to keep seat belts attached at all times. What would Rousseau think?

If one believes in the philosophy of yin and yang, then the unpleasant experience of flying on a Boeing 777 is complementary, interconnected, and interdependent with the experience of traveling to the natural world. One necessarily gives rise to the other.

In this natural setting far away from the familiar world, I find a seat, confining as the one left behind, but a seat that takes me where I want to go, to a place where I move and time and the earth stands still.


Alas, it is a universal truth that good and evil co-exist, but the natural world, though pushed aside and often forgotten in a rush to get ahead, has its place and waits for us to come.