Stressless Recliners


Here is something to think about.

Ekornes makes more than a dozen styles of Stressless Recliners in sizes small, medium, and large. Then there is a rainbow of colors to choose from in your choice of leather and fabric. With that many choice, you could sit in a different recliner every day of the year.


Voyager Recliner in cerise leather

To sit, perchance to sleep. Ah, what dreams may come. Yes, the Bard of Avon would have loved a Stressless Recliner with its patented Glide®, and Plus® technology. Each recliner responds to your body’s slightest movement. Coupled with an adjustable headrest, the Stressless Recliner inspires great thoughts.

Why so many choices? Ekornes understands that style and comfort are as individual as the person sitting in the chair.

Click here to see the many styles of Stressless Recliners.


2 thoughts on “Stressless Recliners”

  1. Penny Taylor said:

    Oh, I want this recliner. And the mountain lake, too.

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